Pisces Limiter

What is Pisces Series?

 PiscesSeries_Logo2_320x320The process of obtaining a good sound is not that simple when making music. Sometimes, the process of making a better sound prevents you from concentrating on the musical creation. We believe that it is more musical to set aside the minimum operation necessary for the easy and rapid results that you want. As a result, are you worried that this leads to the degraded quality. Pisces Series helps you listen to a high-quality music because plug-in device automatically helps adjust all things excluding what you express.




Pisces Limiter limits the peak level of a sound to avoid distortion. So, it helps you to adjust volume with ease in recording, mixing and mastering works. With wide application, Pisces Limiter can serve as a simple compressor. For a better quality of sound, you do not need to additionally examine Pisces Limiter because it can automatically resolve all necessary things. You want to see something a little special? Through simple operation can change your sound to be.

Manual : Download (PDF)